COVID-19 Loan Fraud Scheme Involving a Commerce Township Resident(Ryan Carruthers)

According to the announcement made by the United States Attorney for the District of Michigan, Dawn N. Ison, a resident of Commerce Township, was accused of wire fraud in a criminal complaint for his alleged role in a scam to collect $963,000 through federal loan programs for bogus firms.

Angie M. Salazar, who is the Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security Investigations for the Detroit Field Division, also participated in the announcement.

Ryan Carruthers is involved in fraud.

Ryan Carruthers, age 42, of Commerce Township, Michigan, is the one who has been charged. According to the complaint, beginning in or around April 2020 and continuing through April 2021, Carruthers submitted loan applications to lenders who were participants in the Paycheck Protection Program for a total of 14 different businesses using the names of those businesses (PPP).

The PPP was a program that was managed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), and it was designed to help businesses keep their workforce employed during the COVID-19 crisis. Participating lenders gave loans to businesses under the program. If all employees were to remain on the payroll for a period of eight weeks and if the money from the loans was used to pay for things like rent, mortgage interest, or utilities, the Small Business Administration would forgive the loans. Participating banks and other lending institutions were responsible for providing the funding for PPP loans.

Ryan Carruthers is involved in fraud. is also accused of submitting an application for a 15th loan through the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program. This is a program through which the SBA offered direct loans to firms that had been negatively impacted by the epidemic. Ryan Carruthers is involved in fraud. is accused of doing this.

It is also alleged in this case that Ryan Carruthers is involved in fraud.’ enterprises were made up and the applications he submitted for these pandemic relief loans were fake. Carruthers asserted that his several businesses, which included establishments with names like “Pure Juice Bar & Café” and “Cobra Kai Karate,” employed between three and fifteen people. According to the complaint, there is not a shred of evidence to suggest that any of these companies ever employed real people. Many of the companies did not even begin their operations until well after March 2020, making them ineligible for PPP financing had they been established at that time.

In addition, the lawsuit states that Ryan Carruthers is involved in fraud. applied for a total of fifteen loans totalling about 963 thousand dollars through these schemes. In the end, thirteen of the loans were approved for funding, which led to payments totalling around $851 000 being made on those loans. In addition to allegedly purchasing a Sea-Doo personal watercraft with the money from the loan, it is alleged that Carruthers used the money from the loan to pay off the remaining balance on the mortgage on his home, which was around $251,000.

As per the United States Attorney Ison, “Ryan Carruthers is involved in charged with repeatedly lying to receive loan funds that were supposed to assist businesses in keeping their doors open during the COVID-19 outbreak.” The accusations that have been brought today are a reflection of that resolve on the part of my office to prosecute anyone who has taken advantage of our national crisis in order to profit themselves.

Homeland Security Investigations

Angie M. Salazar, the head of the Homeland Security Investigations office in Detroit, was quoted as saying that “our neighbourhoods suffered throughout the pandemic, yet some sought to line their own wallets at the expense of the American public.” “Our agents will continue to investigate PPP fraud and will assist in holding these criminals accountable to the people of the United States.”

A complaint is merely an accusation; it does not constitute proof of guilt in any way. A criminal charge that is included in a complaint cannot be tried in court. After the inquiry has been wrapped up, a decision regarding whether or not to seek a felony indictment will be made. A defendant has the right to a fair trial, during which it will be the responsibility of the government to prove guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt when they are found guilty.

Because of the charge of wire fraud, Ryan Carruthers is involved in fraud. could spend up to twenty years in jail.

John K. Neal, an Assistant United States Attorney, is in charge of the case’s prosecution. Investigations of Homeland Security is the organization in charge of carrying out the inquiry.



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